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Loretta Battaglia

Associate Professor. Wetland Ecology

Loretta Battaglia

Phone: 618.453.3216
Office: Life Science II, Room 411
email: lbattaglia@plant.siu.edu

I am interested in the dynamics of wetland plant communities and the ecological processes that link them with the surrounding landscape. Specifically, research in my lab focuses on the effects of climate change and large-scale phenomena, such as exotic species invasions, on community structure and function, as well as development of restoration targets for coastal wetlands undergoing rapid climate change. We employ a combination of observational and experimental approaches in the field and greenhouse to address our research questions. Selected research projects include: 1) assisted migration as a management tool in coastal ecosystems threatened by climate change; 2) effects of sea level rise on coastal transition ecosystems along the northern Gulf of Mexico; 3) the spread of exotic species in coastal communities undergoing rapid climate change; and 4) the utility of donor seedbanks for restoring resiliency of degraded coastal communities.


Ph.D. 1998, University of Georgia

Selected Publications

  1. Pivovaroff A. L., C. Swift, L. L. Battaglia, B. Kunz, W. J. Platt, and C. L. Yoder. 2015. Physiological profiles as indicators of response to hurricane disturbance for three coastal wetland species. Journal of Coastal Research. DOI: 10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-14-00073.1
  2. Paudel, S. and L. L. Battaglia. 2015. The role of light, soil and human factors on the probability of occurrence of an invasive and three native plant species in coastal transitions of coastal Mississippi, USA. Journal of Plant Ecology. DOI: 10.1093/jpe/rtu045.
  3. Chupp, A. D. and L. L. Battaglia. 2014 Potential for host-shifting in Papilio palamedes following invasion of Laurel Wilt Disease. Biological Invasions 16: 2639-2651.
  4. Gora, E. M., L. L. Battaglia, H. B. Schumacher, and W. P. Carson. 2014. Patterns of coarse woody debris volume among 18 late-successional and mature forest stands in Pennsylvania. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 141: 151-160.
  5. Standish, R. J., R. J. Hobbs R., M. M Mayfield, B. T. Bestelmeyer, K. N. Suding, L. L. Battaglia, V. Eviner, C. V. Hawkes, V. M. Temperton, V. A. Cramer, J. A. Harris, J. L. Funk, and P. A. Thomas. 2014. Resilience in ecology: abstraction, distraction, or where the action is? Biological Conservation 177: 43-51.
  6. Paudel, S., S.G. Baer, and L. L. Battaglia. 2014. Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) and success of Triadica sebifera invasion in coastal transition ecosystems along the northern Gulf of Mexico. Plant and Soil Science 378: 337-349.
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