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College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences

Jane Geisler-Lee

Research Professor. Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Cell Wall Biology, Metabolism

Jane Geisler-Lee

Phone: 618.453.2576
Office: Life Science II, Room 483
email: geislerlee@siu.edu

Laboratory Website

My main research interests are in systems biology approach to solve biological questions and environmental problems. My research group employs different microscopy, molecular cell biology, and different –omics studies to approach the problems and questions. Currently my funded research projects have been focused in integrating biology with other disciplines, i.e. computer science, biochemistry, environmental engineering and art.

Mission of Geisler and Geisler-Lee joint laboratory

We are employing both computational biology and experimentation to understand gene regulatory networks, to construct metabolic pathways, and to deciphering stage-specific differentiation in multiple organisms.  Our goals are to educate our lab members in this joint laboratory to become future scientists and young scholars with ability, skills, and confidence to:

  • design and do research
  • present their research results in oral and written format
  • abide by public safety policy and regulation

in order to work in academics, industry, non-profit organization, or government.


Ph.D. 2002, Ohio State University

Selected Publications

  1. Eisa Kohan-Baghkheirati, Jane Geisler-Lee*. 2015. Gene Expression, Protein Function and Pathways of Arabidopsis thaliana Responding to Silver Nanoparticles in Comparison to Silver Ions, Cold, Salt, Drought, and Heat. Accepted in Nanomaterials (Special Issue "Advancements in Nanotoxicology "). Research field: silver nanotoxicology & gene expression.
  2. Jane Geisler-Lee*, Marjorie Brooks, Jacob Gerfen, Christin Fotis, Qiang Wang, Anthony Sparer, Xingmao Ma, R. Howard Berg, Matt Geisler. 2014. Reproductive Toxicity and Life History Study of Silver Nanoparticle Effect, Uptake and Transport in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nanomaterials (Special Issue Nanotoxicology) 4: 301-318. Research field: silver nanotoxicology & microscopy.
  3. Magalhães–Padilha DM, Geisler–Lee J, Wischral A, Gastal MO, Fonseca GR, Eloy, YR Geisler M, Figueiredo JR, Gastal EL. 2013. Gene expression during early folliculogenesis in goats using microarray analysis. Biology of Reproduction 89 (1): 19. Research field: gene expression.
  4. Jane Geisler-Lee*, Qiang Wang, Ying Yao, Wen Zhang, Matt Geisler, Kungang Li, Ying Huang, Yongsheng Chen, Andrei Kolmakov, Xingmao Ma. 2013. Phytotoxicity, Uptake and Accumulation of Silver Nanoparticles by Arabidopsis thaliana. Nanotoxicology 7(3): 323-37. Research field: silver nanotoxicology & microscopy.
  5. Ma X, Geisler-Lee J, Deng Y, Kolmakov A. 2010. Interactions between engineered nanoparticles and plants: phytotoxicity, uptake and accumulation. The Science of the Total Environment 408: 3053-61. Research field: silver nanotoxicology & microscopy.
  6. Geisler-Lee J, Caldwell C, Gallie DR. 2010. Expression of the ethylene biosynthetic machinery in maize roots is regulated in response to hypoxia. Journal of Experimental Botany 61: 857-871. Research field: gene expression & microscopy.
  7. Geisler-Lee, J., O'Toole, N., Ammar, R., Provart, N.J., Millar, A.H., and Geisler, M. 2007. A Predicted interactome for Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology 145: 317-329. Chosen for coverpage. Research field: gene expression.
  8. Geisler-Lee J#, Geisler M#, Coutinho PM, Segerman B, Nishikubo N, Takahashi J, Aspeborg H, Djerbi S, Master E, Andersson-Gunnerås S, Sundberg B, Karpinski S, Teeri TT, Kleczkowski LA, Henrissat B and Mellerowicz EJ. 2006.  Poplar carbohydrate-active enzymes. Gene identification and expression analyses.  Plant Physiology 140: 946-962. Chosen for coverpage. (#, equal contribution). Research field: gene expression.
  9. Geisler-Lee J and Gallie DR. 2005. Aleurone cell identity is suppressed following connation in maize kernels.  Plant Physiology 139:204-212. Research field: microscopy.
  10. Young TE, Geisler-Lee J, and Gallie DR. 2004. Senescence-induced expression of cytokinin reverses pistil abortion during maize flower development. Plant Journal 38:910-22. Chosen for cover page. Research field: gene expression & microscopy.