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Margaret Kaeiser

In SIUC Botany from 1947 to 1973

Margaret Kaeiser was born June 20, 1912 in McAlester OK to Harry S. and Florence A. Clayton Kaeiser. She received both her Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Oklahoma. She received her doctoral degree in 1947 from the University of Illinois Champaign. Before coming to SIU, Dr. Kaeiser taught at Chatham College and Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania and at St. Joseph College in Connecticut. She joined the SIU faculty in 1947 and was promoted to the rank of professor on July 1, 1973. Her research area was Plant Anatomy, specifically wood anatomy of conifers. She authored ca. 50 papers, some of which are cited below. She was a member of several societies such as the Botanical Society of America, the International Association of Wood Anatomists, and the International Society of Plant Morphology. She was listed in the International Who's Who in Science, American Men of Science, and Who's Who of American Women.


kaiser 1957

Photo March 16, 1957

  kaiser and kaplan 1959

  Margaret Kaeiser and Leo Kaplan, ca 1959 

kaeiser 1968

Photo November 22, 1968

Dr. Kaeiser resided at 1217 Hill Ave. in Carbondale. After failing to report to work on Wednesday April (4, 11, 18, 25), police found Dr. Kaeiser dead in her home, apparently from a cerebral hemorrhage brought about by a fall the previous day. Dr. Kaeiser was burried in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in McAlester, OK.


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