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Donald Bissing 1976

Historical Photos

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Historical Photos

George Hazen French with a class

George Hazen French with a class. Photo taken in late 1800s

Science Club 1934

Science Club from 1934.
William Bailey, the first chair of Botany, is standing in the second row, second from the right.

Fall 1953

Fall 1953.
From left: John Voigt, Robert Mohlenbrock, Roger Bell and James Brooks.

Arbor Day 1956, planting a tree

Arbor day (Friday April 27, 1956) tree planting on campus. Botany faculty include William Marberry, Raymond J. Pool, S. Lane Wilson, Margaret Kaeiser, Leo Kaplan, and John Voigt.

Another shot of tree planting in 1956

Another photo of tree planting in 1956.

Central State Foray 1959

Central State foray, 1959.
Front row: Kucera, Voigt, H. Fritts; back row, from left: Downy, Mohlenbrock, Lornmason, Thrit, Aikman.

Group of Faculty 1959

Taken in 1959.
From left: Margaret Kaeiser, Leo Kaplan, Frits W. Went, Raymond J. Pool, S. Lane Wilson, and John W. Voigt

Botany Club 1959

Botany club, 1959.
From left, front row: (students); back row: Robert Mohlenbrock, Margaret Kaeiser, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Walter Welch.

Faculty, staff, and some grad students

Taken in 1970.
The Botany faculty, staff and some graduate students from ca. 1989. 
From left, back row: John Bozzola, George Davis (grad.), Jeanette Baker (grad.), Raymond Smith (grad.), Robert Mohlenbrock, John Richardson, Philip Robertson, Donald Tindall; middle row: Williams (staff), Betty Graff (staff), Michael Woods (grad.), William Dyer, John Voigt, Walter Sundberg, Benjamin Shepherd, W. Clark Ashby, Walter Schmid, Lawrence Matten; front row: Donald Miller, Donald Ugent, Donald Bissing, Ellen Cypher (grad.), Brian Adams (grad.).