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Martha H. Scott

At SIUC from 1929 to 1947

Martha Scott received an A.B. degree from Park College and in 1928 obtained her M. S. degree from the University of Chicago. Beyond the M.S. she did one year of doctoral work at the University of Chicago. As part of her teaching experience she spent one year at Oregon, Illinois High School and two years at Park College. In 1929 she came to Carbondale where she joined the faculty in the newly formed Botany Department. It is interesting to note that she taught courses in both Zoology and Botany, and indeed the 1930 Obelisk lists her with the former Department.  Having studied under Sewall Wright while at the University of Chicago, it is fitting that she taught the first genetics course at Southern.; She remained associated with the Botany Department until 1941 when the Obelisk lists her as Zoology.  In 1947 she resigned and moved to San Francisco.


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