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Graduate Students A-Z

Complete Alphabetical list of student, thesis title, year graduated, degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) and major professor

Abney, Thomas Scott. Seasonal trends in total content of corn stalk tissue in relation to stalk rot resistance.  1963 M.S. Pappelis.

Abolaji, John. Alleriation of water stress in corn through decomposition of agricultural soil.  1994 M.S. Yopp.

Adams, Brian. A taxonomic revision of the genus Scaphyglottis Poeppig and End I.  1993 M.S. Ugent.

Adams, Eric. Vegetation analysis and examination of beta diversity at Burke Branch and Ozark Hill  Prairies Research Natural Areas in the Shawnee.  1999 M.S. Gibson.

Adams, Tianjiao. The Role of Soil Heterogeneity in the Recruitment of New Species and Interactions with Grasshoppers (Acrididae) and Katydids (Tettigoniidae) in Restored Prairie. 2017 M.S. Baer.

Aikman, Kevin. The physiology, biochemistry, and toxicity of the marine dinoflagellate Prorcentrum hoffmannianum Faust (Pyrrophyta), and its role in seafood-borne human diseases.  1992 M.S. Tindall.

Akanil, Nuket. Leaf litter decomposition along the Porsuk River, Eskisehir, Turkey.  1996 M.S. Middleton.

Akers, Brian. The family Lepiotaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycetes) in Florida.  1997 Ph.D. Robertson.

Aki, Oliffored Omozaudu. Comparative productivity of cattle and other domestic livestock versus African native ungulate management.  1970 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Albright, Raymond. Fate of atmospheric aluminum deposition emitted from a coal-fired source within surrounding oak forests in southwestern Illinois.  1988 M.S. Ashby.

Alice, Lawrence A. The vascular flora and selected fleshy fungi of the Ripple Hollow Area, Illinois.  1988 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Allen, Susan Page. Seedling leaf development with emphasis on correlations of leaf size and shape in nine species of Quercus.  1966 M.S. Kaeiser.

Alsup, Sarah. Evaluation of metal leachability from green roof systems and components.  2009 M.S. Ebbs.

Alwerdt, Jessica. Evaluating the effects of intraspecific competition in Arabidopsis thaliana L. ecotype Columbia and its mutants TMM1-1 and SDD1-2.  2003 M.S. Wood, Gibson.

Anderson, Charles C. Effects of broad band wavelength light on lesion area, sporulation, and nuclear movement in three onion varieties infected with Colletotrighum dematium f. circinans.  1982 M.S. Pappelis.

Auge, Michael Robert. Revisionary work on Enterolobium.  1978 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Autry, Donald. Plant communities on riparian limestone bluffs in Ozark national scenic riverways.  1988 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Bach, Elizabeth. Biotic and abiotic drivers of soil microbial community recovery and ecosystem change during grassland restoration.  2009 M.S. Baer.

Banerjee, Partha. A systematic and phylogenetic study of the genus Pluteus with special reference to section Pluteus.  1992 M.S. Sundberg.

Bare, Charles Edgar (2). Mineral nutrient content of sugarcane tissue as related to cell senescence.  1969 M.S. Schmid.

Barfknecht, David. Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Diversity in Acid Seep Springs Following Biotic and Abiotic Disturbance. 2018 M.S. Gibson.

Bartholomew-Began, Sharon. A morphogenetic re-evaluation of Haplomitrium (Hepatophyta).  1990 M.S. Crandall-Stotler.

Basinger, Mark A. Effects of disturbance on the  vegetation and flora of two old-growth forests in southern Illinois.  2000 Ph.D. Robertson.

Basinger, Mark A. Plant species distribution in bald cypress swamps along the Cache River in Southern Illinois.  1994 M.S. Middleton.

Bates, Sharon A. Developing protocols to genetically transform white ash (Fraxinus americana L.).  1997 Ph.D. Yopp.

Baumgartner, Kurt O. The effect of atrazine and prometryne on shoot and root growth in a susceptible and resistant variety of maize.  1971 M.S. Myers, Jr.

Began, Timothy J. The genus Amanita in Southern Illinois including cultural characters and a detailed study of volval anatomy in section Lepidella.  1987 M.S. Sundberg.

Belisle, Katie. Natural and defined media for growth of the ciguatera-causing dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus Adachi and Fukuyo.  1988 M.S. Tindall.

Benavides Duque, Juan Carlos. The changing face of Andean peatlands: The effects of climate and human disturbance on ecosystem structure and function. 2013. Ph.D. Vitt.

Benscoter, Brian. Post-fire compositional and functional recovery of western Canadian Bogs.  2007 Ph.D. Vitt.

Benzinger, Elizabeth Ann. The effects of gibberellin, brassinolide, and other growth regulators on a gibberellin-deficient mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana.  1983 M.S. Schmid.

Berno, Linda S. Factors influencing the growth of a halophilic blue-green alga, Aphanthece halophytica (Chroococcales).  1975 M.S. Tindall.

Best, Christopher F. Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in the revegetation of acid strip mine spoil.  1985 M.S. Sundberg.

Betterton, Harry O. Seasonal trends in sugar content and cell death in cornstalk tissue.  1963 M.S. Pappelis.

Beyerl, Tammie. Habitat and life history characteristics of Dioscorea oppositifolia, an invasive plant species in southern Illinois.  2001 M.S. Gibson.

Bhagwat, Sudhaker G. A study of the effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and mulching on the wood anatomy of Populus deltoides Marsh.  1966 Ph.D. Kaieser.

Bhagwat, Sudmaker G. Comparison of first year wood fibers of different species, varieties and hybrids of Populus L.  1962 M.S. Kaeiser.

Biggers, J. Paul. A method of vegetation analysis and description for highway planning purposes.  1976 M.S. Robertson.

Bittner, Robert Todd. The distribution and microhabitat relations of a raregrass, Calamagrostis porteri ssp insperata, in Southern Illinois.  1995 M.S. Gibson.

Black, Sarah. Restored Prairie Response to Reduction on Ectophagous Insects. 2018 M.S. Baer.

Blair, Cheavar. UV-B Light Stimulates an Increase in Phenolic Content in the Model System Brachypodium distachyon After 2 Hours of Exposure. 2016 M.S. Wood.

Bloise, Rosemary. Initiation and early development of boreal wetlands.  2007 M.S. Vitt.

Bollwinkel, Carl W. Revision of South American species of Asclepias L.  1969 Ph.D. Mohlenbrock.

Bollwinkel, Carl W. Sink-hole pond vegetation of Southern Illinois.  1958 M.S. Voigt.

Bonfert, Gretchen Ann. Reclamation with little bluestem and switchgrass on pre-law mine spoil in Southern Illinois.  1983 M.S. Ashby.

Borders, Darrell Lynn. Fungi associated with acidic strip-mine soils.  1975 M.S. Sundberg.

Boyer Jr., James S. Reexamination of Eospermatopteris eriana (Dawson) Goldring from the Upper Middle Devonian (=Givetian) flora at Gilboa, New York.  1995 M.S. Matten.

Bozzola, Jr. John J. A light and electron microscopic investigation of the ovule in Agrimonia eupatoria L.  1970 M.S. Olah.

Bradfield, Scott J. Influence of TiO2 engineered nanoparticles on photosynthetic efficiency and contaminant uptake.  2015 M.S. Ebbs

Bragg, Linda K. Paleoethnobotany of selected features from the Carrier Mills archaeological district, Saline County, Illinois.  1984 M.S. Ugent.

Brandon, Alice. The effects of Lespedeza cuneata, an invasive species, on a successional old field plant community.  2000 M.S. Gibson.

Bray, Jr. James R. A revision of the genus Fossombronia Raddi in North America, North of Mexico and Europe.  2001 Ph.D. Crandall-Stotler.

Bray, Jr. James R. The life history of a Fossombronia raddi community at Jackson Hollow, Pope County, Illinois and the reproductive biology of F. foveolata Lindb.  1997 M.S. Stotler.

Bresnan, Damian F. Genetic variation of silver maple (Acer saccharinum L.) provenance from several different geographic locations.  1988 M.S. Ashby.

Brown, Howard Lee. A scanning electron microscopy survey of Mexican wild and cultivated potato species.  1985 M.S. Ugent.

Brueske, Charles H. Effects of halogenated benzoic acids on cytoplasmic streaming inisolated Elodea leaves.  1961 M.S. Applegate.

Brussell, David. The ethnobotany of Montserrat.  1981 M.S. Ugent.

Bryant, William Stanley. An ecological investigation of Panther Rock, Anderson County, Kentucky.  1973 Ph.D. Mohlenbrock.

Bushey, Jr., Charles L. Vegetational analysis of eleven Acer saccharum Marsh. (Aceraceae) dominated communities in Southern Illinois.  1985 M.S. Robertson.

Cabrera, Jonathan. Molecular phylogeny and historical biogeography of Loranthaceae (Santalales) inferred from matK sequence data.  2002 M.S. Nickrent.

Campbell, Jonathan E. Effect of exotic seeds transported via horse dung on the vegetative composition of trails in Southern Illinois.  1996 M.S. Gibson.

Campbell, Ryan. Variation in benefit from arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal colonization within cultivars and non-cultivars of Andropogon gerardii and Sorghastrum nutans.  2009 M.S. Baer.

Cargill, D. Christine. A taxonomic revision of Fossombronia and Sewardiella, Suborder Fossombroniineae (Marchantiophyta).  2001 Ph.D. Crandall-Stotler.

Carlson, Rolland David. The Distribution, periodicity, and culture of benthic/epiphytic dinoflagellates in a ciguatera endemic region of the Caribbean.  1984 M.S. Tindall.

Carter, David O. Common weeds of no-tillage agricultural fields in southern Illinois.  1990 M.S. Ugent.

Chahal, Sevinder Singh. The growth of selected cellulolytic fungi on wood pulp.  1966 Ph.D. Gray.

Chamberlin, Mark Alan. The morphology and development of the gametophytes of Fissidens and Bryoxophium (Bryophyta).  1980 M.S. Crandall-Stotler.

Chandy, Shibi. Relationship between spatial and temporal patterns of species composition in the Shawnee National Forest Illinois, USA.  2007 Ph.D. Gibson.

Che-Hassan, Che-Latipah. The characteristics of germination of onion smudge fungus Colletotrichum dematium v. circinans.  1983 M.S. Pappelis.

Chupp, Adam.  Predicting Multi-Trophic Consequences of an Emerging Disease.  2015 Ph.D. Battaglia.

Clark, Floyd Bryan. Factors affecting the production of fibrous roots on black walnut Seedlings.  1968 Ph.D. Ashby.

Colclasure, G. Craig. Absorption of cobalt by excised barley roots.  1972 M.S. Schmid.

Colclasure, G. Craig. Studies on the involvement of carbohydrate metabolism plant growth regulations by L-lactose and brass in complex; interaction with ethylene, carbon dioxide, ausing, and cytokinase.  1976 Ph.D. Yopp.

Conrad, Shawn. Reproductive ecology and diaspore bank of the bryophytes of a bald cypress swamp.  1997 M.S. Crandall-Stotler.

Corbit, Rebecca. Extraction and bioactivity of ginsenosides from american ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.).  2004 M.S. Ebbs.

Courtis, William S. Dry mass quantities of nuclear RNA, DNA, protein and residual protein in exposed and not exposed Allium cepa leaf base epidermal cells.  1972 Ph.D. Schmid.

Crotz, Darrell. On the status of Calypogeja fissa in North America.  1978 M.S. Stotler.

Cummins, James N. Some physiological and anatomical aspects of rhizogenesis in stem tissues of the apple.  1965 Ph.D. Ashby.

Cypher, Ellen. Taxonomy, site characteristics, and rarity of the Phlox bifida Beck complex.  1993 M.S. Robertson.

D’Artenay, Tamrya. Evolution of male gametes in liverworts.  2011 Ph.D. Renzaglia.

Dabler, John Michael. The effect of phenolic acids and corn extract on germination of Diplodia zeae spores.  1965 M.S. Pappelis.

Darrah, Elsie. The nature of the megaspore membrane in Paleozoic seeds.  1963 M.S. Eggert.

Davis, George T. A floristic study of the Touch of Nature Environmental Center.  1986 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

DeFilipps, Robert Anthony. A revision of Ximenia (Plum.) L. (Olacaceace).  1968 Ph.D. Mohlenbrock.

DeFilipps, Robert Anthony. The genus Juncus in Illinois.  1962 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Delong, Michael. Metapopulations and metacommunities in dry forest openings in Southern Illinois.  2009 Ph.D. Gibson.

Der, Josh. Molecular phylogenetics and classification  of Santalaceae.  2005 M.S. Nickrent.

Dickey, Robert. The extraction, purification and characterization of toxins from the marine dinoflagellates Gambierdiscus toxicus and Procentrum concavum.  1983 M.S. Tindall.

Dillard, Gary. The Desmidiaceae of Southern Illinois.  1962 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Dishong, Damnyc. A review of the taxonomy and a study of the ecological status of Lilium superbum, and endangered species in Illinois.  1996 Ph.D. Ugent.

Dittrich, Harold Steven. Studies on Rhacophyton ceratangium from the Upper Devonian of West Virginia.  1982 M.S. Matten.

Dixon, John Robert. A revision of the genus Entada (Leguminosae) of the New World.  1965 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Dodd, John, Jeffrey. A survey of the diatoms of some interior waters and selected subaerial habitats of Illinois.  1978 Ph.D. Tindall.

Donatelli, Juliette. Forage Quality of Andropogon gerardii across a precipitation gradient. 2013 M.S. Gibson

Doolen, Rodney. The vascular flora of Chitty and Bear Canyons, Greenlee County, Arizona.  1987 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Doolen, Wanda S. Oskins. The vascular flora of Big Oak Tree State Park, Mississippi County, Missouri.  1985 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Doyle, Michael F. A floristic survey of fleshy fungi from the Hawaiian Islands, with notes on common marasmioid fungi from Southern Illinois.  1985 M.S. Sundberg.

Drapalik, Donald Joseph. The effects of inundation on lowland groundcover plants.  1962 M.S. Voigt.

Dryoff, Terry L. Areal geology of the Lusk Creek area, Pope County, Illinois (Geology).  1972 M.S. Harris.

Dziadyk, Bohan. Structure and dynamics of above-ground biomass on three grassland sites in Southern Illinois.  1980 M.S. Robertson.

Elias, Thomas S. A revision of the genus Inga  Section Inga  Series Inga.  1966 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Elliott, Lee F. Analysis of the vegetation of the Stanley Creek area, Mingo Wilderness, Wayne County, Missouri.  1981 M.S. Robertson.

Ellis, James E. The genus Potamogeton in Illinois.  1963 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Ely, Joseph. A test of the core-satellite species hypothesis in shale and sandstone glades, Illinois.  2001 Ph.D. Gibson.

Engleman, David. Seasonal variation in phytoplankton productivity and thermal budget for two heterotrophic northern Illinois ponds.  1975 M.S. Tindall.

Estes, Eugene Todd. The dendrochronology of three tree species in the central Mississippi valley.  1969 Ph.D. Ashby.

Evans, Dan K. Taxonomy of the Carex rosea - C. retroflexa complex in Illinois (sect. Bracteosae: Cyperaceae).  1976 Ph.D. Mohlenbrock.

Evans, Dan K. The vegetation of the Mississippi river and mud flats in Jackson County, Illinois.  1970 M.S. Verduin.

Evans, Marc. The vascular flora of Trail of Tears State Forest, Union County, Illinois.  1981 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Faulkner, Judith Lynn. A floristic study of Rock Castle Creek, Randolph County, Illinois.  1971 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Felty, Max W. Spore to spore cultivation under laboratory conditions of Physarum cinereum (Batsch) Pers.  1968 M.S. Gray.

Fender, Susan E. Development of culture methods for use with Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., a tachyplant, as an experimental tool.  1980 M.S. Schmid.

Fessel, Keith. Effect of sedimentation, hydrology, and light intensity on the emergence of seedlings in a Taxodium distichum swamp.  2003 Ph.D. Gibson.

Fine, Tracey I. Telangium devonicum sp.nov (Lyginopteridaceae), a pollen organ from the Upper Devonian of Ireland 1987 M.S. Matten.

Fitzek, Elisabeth. Reconstruction of molecular regulatory networks in Arabidopsis thaliana. 2012 Ph.D. Geisler (major advisor), Lightfoot (Committee Chair).

Flowers, Nicholas. Sporogenesis and Callose Localization in Anthocerotophyta. 2018 M.S. Neubig.

Folkerts, George W. The Myxomycetes of Southern Illinois.  1963 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Ford, Heather. A monographic study of the genus Petalophyllum Nees & Gottsche ex Lehm.  2000 M.S. Crandall-Stotler.

Foster, Kari. Population dynamics and habitat analysis of a rare plant, Trifolium reflexum in the northern portion of its range.  2004 M.S. Sipes.

Franklin, Scott. Disturbance effects of upland Quercus community dynamics of Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky and Illinois.  1996 Ph.D. Robertson.

Frederick, Peter Simpers. Pollen development in Arabidopsis thaliana and its gal mutant.  1990 M.S. Schmid.

Frederick, Peter Simpers. Studies on Arabidopsis thaliana:  the effects of four gibberellins on a non-germinating mutant and the effects of calcium and adenine concentration on the growth and morphogenesis of callus tissue.  1985 M.S. Schmid.

Freire, Virginia. A revision of the genus Fossombronia in Latin America.  2002 Ph.D. Crandall-Stotler.

Fusek, Elizabeth A. Herbarium database of plant collections by G. H. French.  1997 M.S. Ugent.

Gage, Karla. Effects of anthropogenic selection pressure on the evolution of a common agricultural weed: Does adaptation come with a detectable cost?  A study of glyphosate-resistant (GR) and-susceptible (GS) biotypes of Conyza canadensis. 2013. Ph.D. Gibson - Young.

Garrison, Dallas W. A determination of plant water balance in varied field environments by the plasmolytic method.  1963 M.S. Ashby.

Gastaldo, Robert A. A Middle Pennsylvanian nodule flora from Carterville, Illinois.  1975 M.S. Matten.

Gastaldo, Robert A. Studies on a Middle Pennsylvanian nodule flora from the overburden of the Herrin (no. 6) coal at Carterville, Illinois.  1978 Ph.D. Matten.

Gibson, Bruce. Archaeobotany of the Cahokia Interpretive Center tract, St. Clair County, Illinois.  1993 M.S. Ugent.

Giedeman, Charles. Restoration potential of farmed bottomland  forests in the american bottom of the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri.  1998 Ph.D. Robertson.

Gipe, David P. Osmotic and specific ion effects of aluminum and manganese salts on the germination of four grass species.  1981 M.S. Ashby.

Glaeser, Lilyan. Established plant physiological responses and species assemblage development during early fen reclamation in the Alberta oil sands area.  2015 M.S. Vitt.

Grady, Marcia Martens. Periodicity, species, diversity and productivity of the phytoplankton of Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois.  1985 M.S. Tindall.

Grady, Marcia Martens. Systematics and ecology of the algae of winters pond, La Rue-Pine Hills Ecological Area, Union Country, Illinois.  1977 M.S. Tindall.

Guerke, Mary Leuzinger. Spatial competition among plants in a little bluestem community and subsequent development of related learning activities.  1978 M.S. Ashby.

Guerke, Wayne Richard. A monograph of the genus Jubula Dumortier.  1978 M.S. Stotler.

Gunn, Shayla. Induction of Stress Response, Cell Wall Damage, and Cell Death in Determination of Silver Nanoparticle Toxicity Threshold of the Heavy-Metal Accumulating Fern Azolla caroliniana. 2018 M.S. Geisler.

Gustafson, Danny. Genetic and competition studies of Andropogon gerardii, Sorghastrum nutans, and Dalea purpurea from remnant and restored tallgrass prairies.  2000 Ph.D. Nickrent, Gibson.

Hacker, Molly. Assessing Seed Bank Contribution to Landward Expansion of Coastal Wetland Communities and Responses to Fire. 2018 M.S. Battaglia.

Hall, Yvonne E. Stand and crown architecture characteristics of mature ponderosa pine forest in Colorado.  1995 M.S. Robertson.

Handel, William C. The vascular flora of Twelve Mile Prairie:  Clay, Fayette, Effingham, and Marion Counties.  1992 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Hannigan, Kevin Paul. Revegetation of box-cut mine soil with woody and herbaceous species.  1982 M.S. Ashby.

Hansen, Michael. Is ecological restoration successful? An assessment of prairie restoration in northern Illinois, USA.  2009 M.S. Gibson.

Hanzely, Laszlo. A comparative microscope study of the pine structure and distribution of microtubules and nuclear pores in digitonin-treated and untreated allium sativum meristematic cells.  1969 Ph.D. Olah.

Hanzely, Patricia Mack. Growth responses of three Bryophyllum species to morphactin.  1969 M.S. Ashby.

Harris, Patrick. The Role of Deer Browsing on Plant Community Development and Ecosystem Functioning During Tallgrass Prairie Restoration. 2014 M.S. Baer.

Harshbarger, Diane. Drivers of compositional trajectories in reference and restored pine savanna communities. M.S. 2014. Battaglia.

Harmon, Paul J. The ridge-top vascular flora of North Fork Mountain, Grant & Pendleton Counties, West Virginia.  1981 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Harms, LaDoris Mary. The protective role of scales on overwintering buds.  1960 M.S. Voigt.

Harp, James A. Biochemical classification in the genus Chaetomium.  1969 M.S. Gray.

Hashmi, Rizwan. Inheritance of resistance to soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) in Ripley X Spencer F5 derived lines.  2004 Ph.D. Wood.

Havens, Kayri. The effects of ancymidol, paclobutrazol, and XE1019 on the leaf anatomy and chlorophyll content of Arabidopsis thaliana.  1988 M.S. Schmid.

Hawf, Larry R. Uptake and translocation of zinc by intact plants.  1965 M.S. Schmid.

Hays, Eva. New approach toward cultivating monocot root tips by using NAA pretreatment.  1970 M.S. Olah.

Hazen, Renee. A Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Flux and Organic Layer Development of Four Sedge Species Within An Oil-Sands Reclamation Site In Northeastern Alberta. 2016 M.S. Vitt.

Heikens, Alice. Classification of the natural forest openings in southern Illinois.  1991 M.S. Robertson.

Heim, James R. A floristic study of Apple River Canyon State Park in the Wisconsin Driftless Division.  1984 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Heineke, Thomas E. A floristic study of Cedar Lake reservoir.  1977 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Heineke, Thomas E. The flora and plant communities of the middle Mississippi River valley.  1986 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Henderson, Jr., Jerry. Swamp flora bordering the Cache River in northeastern Pulaski County.  1970 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Herron, Scott. Ethnobotany of the Anishinaabek Northern Great Lakes Indians.  2002 Ph.D. Ugent.

Himebaugh, Lorna D. Ethyl acetate synthesis by Hansenula anomala.  1967 M.S. Gray.

Hinkley, Jerry L. A biosystematic study of two taxa within the genus Dodecatheon.  1965 M.S. Mohlenbrock.

Hoffman, Joyce B. A revision of Section Luplinae of the genus Carex.  1974 Ph.D. Mohlenbrock.

Holmes, Robert L. Studies of annual weed competition in seedlings and established  alfalfa.  1982 M.S. Yopp.

Holst, Robert W. Studies of the growth and nitrogen metabolism of the Azolla mexicana-Anabaena azollae Symbiosis.  1977 M.S. Yopp.

Holst, Robert W. Studies on some aspects of the growth and nitrogen metabolism of Lemna trisulca L. in culture.  1972 M.S. Yopp.

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Hoyer, Erik. A functional assessment of restored and reference wetlands along the Cache river.  2005 Ph.D. Battaglia.

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Karagiannis, Connie Stufflebean. The effect of seven plant growth regulators on selective ribosomal cistron regulation in excised Allium cepa leaf base tissue.  1988 M.S. Pappelis.

Kaskey, Joseph B. The physiological aspects of the growth and development of Nasturtium officinale under natural conditions.  1972 M.S. Tindall.

Kassem, Abdelmajid. Whole genome linkage and QTL mapping in Soybean Glycine max L. Merr.  2003 Ph.D. Wood.

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