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Goal of the Systematics and Biodiversity Node

To convey through classroom teaching and publication the results of systematic research, conducted among SIUC scientists and others worldwide, to students, scientific peers and the general public.

Objectives of the Systematics and Biodiversity Node:

Students should gain both theoretical and "hands-on" experiences in a variety of subdisciplines of systematic biology. These include:

  • gaining an appreciation of biodiversity both on a local and worldwide scale.

  • acquiring an understanding of the major taxonomic groupings of plants including algae, bryophytes, and vascular plants as well as fungi.

  • acquiring and understanding of the process of evolution as well as the manifestations of that process.

  • gaining "hands-on" experience with various methodologies that are employed by systematists such as molecular biology, morphometric analysis, phylogenetic analysis, construction and use of keys, etc.

  • acquiring an understanding of phenomena such as gene flow, speciation, hybridization, polyploidy, microevolutionary change, macroevolutionary change, and basic molecular evolutionary principles.