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Aldwin Anterola

Associate Professor. Phytochemistry and Plant Secondary Metabolism

Aldwin Anterola

Phone: 618.453.3222
Office: Life Science II, Room 429

My research involves studying the biosynthesis of plant constituents that have medicinal or industrial uses. We employ multidisciplinary techniques in phytochemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and tissue culture to understand how the production of plant natural products is controlled. Our long-term goal is to be able to systematically manipulate metabolic pathways for increased production of economically important compounds, as well as to generate novel chemical structures (that may have useful properties) from existing natural templates. Research projects include: (1) development of plant bioreactors that serve as metabolic platforms producing specialty chemicals, e.g. drugs, dyes and perfumes; (2) elucidation of pathways leading to the formation of naturally occurring medicinal compounds in plants, such as biflavonoids, diterpenes and eicosanoids; and (3) isolation and identification of secondary metabolites that target the arachidonic acid inflammatory cascade. Any inquiries on these research activities from potential students and collaborators are most welcome.


Ph.D. 2001, Washington State University

Selected Publications

  1. Anterola, A.M., Shanle, E., Perroud, P.-F., and Quatrano, R. 2009. Production of taxa-4(5), 11(12)-diene by transgenic Physcomitrella patens. Transgenic Research 18 (4), 655-60.
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