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Matt Geisler

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies. Mathematical Biology

Matt Geisler

Phone: 618.453.3212
Office: Life Science II, Room 403

Biology is now an information science, as DNA and protein sequences are digital, and data collected can be manipulated by decryption and database software. I use a novel combination of data mining software and high-throughput whole genome expression analysis to match cis-regulatory elements in DNA to gene expression patterns. Once identified, individual elements are built into regulatory modules and artificial promoters driving reporter genes are constructed and tested in our lab by transforming Arabidopsis plants or cell cultures. So far, I have identified modules in the Arabidopsis genome responding to sucrose, salicylic acid and reactive oxygen species. A second direction, using data generated for humans, yeast and Drosophila, is to predict protein-protein interactions in Arabidopsis by looking at interacting orthologs. This has lead to a predicted interactome for Arabidopsis, which is the first plant to have this valuable resource, and is now available at the BAR and soon at the TAIR public online resource sites.


Ph.D. 1999, Ohio State University

Selected Publications

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