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There is probably no other group of plants equal to orchids in stimulating people's passion!  Nature has produced infinite varieties of shape and color in their flowers, but this is just the beginning.  Because genetic incompatibilities are weak among orchid genera, the horticulturalist is able to not only make successful crosses between species in a genus, he or she can also cross between genera.  

With 880 genera and over 22,000 species, the orchid family is second in size only to Asteraceae. 

Brassavola cucullata 
Brassolaelia ‘Richard Mueller’. Intergeneric hybrid.
Cattleya Blc. Memoria Crispin Rosales 'Victory'
Cattleya ‘Confetti Cocktail’
Cattleya harrisoniae 
Cattleya intermedia ‘Alba’
Cattleya intermedia 
Cymbidium hookerianum 
Dendrobium sonia near ‘Royal Pink’ and ‘Sakura Pink’
Dendrobium ‘Miss Singapore’
Dendrobium near ‘Sayala minis’
Encyclia adenocarpa
Epidendrum ibaguense
Epidendrum monterratense. Possibly this species.
Ludisia discolor
Oncidium spacelatum
Oncidium varicosum 
Oncidium ‘Gower Ramsey’
Oncidium sp. A hybrid with O. maculatum as one parent.
Phalaenopsis ‘Brother Mason Caldwell
Phalaenopsis ‘Sogo White’
Phalaenopsis ‘Brandy Parfait’
Prosthecea cochcleata
Schomburgkia tibicinis
Vanilla planifolia