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William Ashby

In SIU Plant Biology from 1960 to 1992

William Clark Ashby was born on July 6, 1922 in Duluth Minnesota. He is an authority on tree growth, biomass production, effects of acid rain, and especially reclamation and revitalization of disturbed lands (Saluki Science, Spring 1992). His research focused mostly upon reclamation of strip mined ...read full profile >>

John Bozzola

In SIUC Plant Biology from 1983 to 2011

Dr. Bozzola's interests include electron microscopy, cytology, and microbiology. He was involved in many projects studying both biotic and abiotic materials. The following citation is to his highly regarded textbook on electron microscopy: Bozzola, J.J. and L.D. Russell. 1999. Electron Microscopy: ...read full profile >>

Barbara Crandall-Stotler

In SIU Plant Biology from 1970 to 2005

Barbara Crandall Stotler

office: Life Science II, Room 479

phone: 618-453-3232


Dr. Crandall-Stotler's research interests focus upon cryptograms (bryophytes), particularly their cytology, cell biology, developmental physiology, systematics, and phylogeny. EDUCATION Ph.D. 1968, Botany, University of Cincinnati M.S. 1966, Botany, University of ...read full profile >>

Brian Klubek

Emeritus Professor. Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems

Research interests include the soybean – Bradyrhizobium japonicum association and biological nitrogen fixation, nitrification and denitrification activity in soil, biological sulfur oxidation in soil, microbial coal desulfurization, and pesticide decomposition/movement in soil. Read Dr. Klubek's Full Profile

Lawrence Matten

In SIU Plant Biology from 1970 to 2005

Dr. Matten's specialty was paleobotany.  He then left the sciences to purse a career in law. EDUCATION Ph.D. 1965 Cornell University A.B. Rutgers 1959

Robert Mohlenbrock

In SIU Plant Biology from 1957 to 1990

Dr. Mohlenbrock's distinguished career at SIU spanned 33 years, including 12 years as Chair of Botany. Bob's achievement and contributions to SIU were acknowledged with the awarding of the rank of Distinguished Professor in 1985 and the Southern Illinois University Outstanding ...read full profile >>

Daniel Nickrent

In SIU Plant Biology from 1990 to 2014

Daniel Nickrent

Phone: 618-453-3223
Office: Life Science III, Room 1005
email: nickrent@plant.siu.edu
Laboratory Website

Dr. Nickrent's research involves the application of morphological and molecular methodologies to systematic and evolutionary questions in a variety of taxonomic groups of plants, particularly parasitic angiosperms. DNA sequence data, derived from the nuclear, chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes, was ...read full profile >>

Karen Renzaglia

In SIU Plant Biology from 2005 to 2017

Karen Renzaglia

Phone: 618.453.3229
Office: Life Science II, Room 459
email: renzaglia@plant.siu.edu

My lab focuses on describing the ultrastructure, morphology and development of cells, tissues and organs in bryophytes, pteridophytes, and seed plants. These studies have generated new phylogenetic information and new insight into evolutionary modifications of cell architecture and ontogeny. I am currently ...read full profile >>

John Richardson

In SIU Plant Biology from 1969 to 2002

John Richardson was a professor of Plant Biology and former director of Scientific and Research Photography EDUCATION B.A. 1967 Southern Illinois University M.F.A. 1969 Ohio University

Philip Robertson

In SIU Plant Biology from 1969 to 2003

Dr. Robertson's research area was plant ecology. He and his students worked in both southern Illinois ecosystems as well as those in the western U.S. EDUCATION B.S.  Colorado State 1962 M.S. Colorado State 1964 Ph.D. 1968 Colorado State University

Dale Vitt

In SIU Plant Biology from 2000 to 2011

Dale Vitt

Office: Life Science II, Room 481

phone: 618-453-3210

email: dvitt@plant.siu.edu

Dr. Vitt's interests include ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemistry and paleoecology of peatlands, particularly as related to climatic changes. He also has a continuing interest in all aspects of research related to biosystematics and taxonomy (emphasizing bryophytes), including ecological and systematic ...read full profile >>

John Yopp

In SIU Plant Biology from 1970 to 1999

John Yopp


Dr. Yopp is currently Associate Provost for Educational Partnerships and International Affairs, University of Kentucky. Education B.S. Biology, cum laude, 1962, Georgetown University  Ph.D. Biology, 1969, University of Louisville