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How to Apply


FELLOWSHIP CONSIDERATION: To be considered for a Fellowship from the Graduate School, applicants must be nominated by a faculty member in the program and complete a Fellowship application ( Fellowship applications are due to the department on January 5. 

TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP CONSIDERATION: The application deadline to be considered for a teaching assistantship from the department is February 1.


  1. Go to SIU Graduate School, read through all instructions and requirements before applying
  2. Click Apply Now
  3. Fill out your application and submit
  4. At the bottom of the page, select "Part Two to Department Supplemental Application"
  5. Select “Plant Biology” from the menu on the left
  6. You will be asked about a potential major advisor to direct your graduate education. 
    To help you decide, here's the list of Plant Biology faculty and their research interests.  Contact a faculty member to determine if they will be taking on new students.
  7. Transcripts. Note that Official Transcripts are required for all applications.

For GRE and TOEFL, please use 1726 as the institution code for SIU, and code 0205 for the Plant Biology department code, which is listed under "Botany".

Please send your official transcripts to the following address:

Director of Graduate Studies
Plant Biology Program
1125 Lincoln Drive
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-6509, USA