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Daniel Nickrent

Professor. Plant systematics and molecular evolution; biology of parasitic flowering plants

Daniel Nickrent

Phone: 618.453.3223
Office: Life Science III, Room 1005
email: nickrent@plant.siu.edu
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My research involves the application of morphological and molecular methodologies to systematic and evolutionary questions in a variety of taxonomic groups of plants, particularly parasitic angiosperms. We typically employ DNA sequence data, derived from the nuclear, chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes, to estimate organismal phylogenies. These data are then useful in interpreting morphological character evolution, biogeographic histories, and ecological interactions.

The following represent some of the recent and ongoing projects we have been involved with:

  • Molecular phylogenetics of the sandalwood order (Santalales): Olacaceae s. lat., Misodendraceae, Schoepfiaceae, Loranthaceae, Opiliaceae, Santalaceae s. lat. and Viscaceae.
  • Molecular phylogenetics of holoparasitic angiosperms: Apodanthaceae, Balanophoraceae, Cytinaceae, Hydnoraceae, Mitrastemonaceae, and Rafflesiaceae.
  • Molecular evolution including studies of the chloroplast genome in parasitic plants.

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Ph.D. 1984, Miami University (Ohio)


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Selected Publications

  1. Pelser P.B., D. L. Nickrent, J. R. C. Callado, and J. F. Barcelona. 2013. Mt. Banahaw reveals: The resurrection and neotypification of the name Rafflesia lagascae (Rafflesiaceae) and clues to the dispersal of Rafflesia seeds. Phytotaxa 131: 35–40. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  2. Amico, G. C., R. Vidal-Russell, M. A. Aizen, and D. Nickrent. 2013. Genetic diversity and population structure of the mistletoe Tristerix corymbosus (Loranthaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution. Published first online July 10, 2013.  For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  3. Gonzalo, R., C. Aedo, D. L. Nickrent, and M. A. García.  2012.  A numerical taxonomic investigation of Stipa Sect. Smirnoviaand S. Sect. Subsmirnovia (Poaceae). Systematic Botany 37: 655-670.  For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  4. Nickrent, D. L. 2012. Justification for subspecies in Arceuthobium campylopodum (Viscaceae). Phytoneuron 51: 1-11. For a PDF file of this article click HERE or visit website HERE.
  5. Amico, G. C., R. Vidal-Russell, García, M. A., and D. L. Nickrent. 2012. Evolutionary history of the South American mistletoe Tripodanthus (Loranthaceae) using nuclear and chloroplast markers. Syst. Bot. 37: 218-225. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  6. Barcelona, J. F., E. S. Fernando, D. L. Nickrent, D. S. Balete, and P. B. Pelser. 2011. An amended description of Rafflesia leonardi and a revised key to Philippine Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae). Phytotaxa 24: 11-18. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  7. Nickrent, D. L. 2011. Santalales (Including Mistletoes). Encyclopedia of Life Science. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.: Chichester [DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0003714.pub2]. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  8. Nickrent, D. L., D. E. Boufford, and J. Kuijt. 2010. Proposal to conserve the name Viscum serotinum (Phoradendron serotinum) against Viscum leucarpum (Viscaceae). Taxon 59: 1903-1004. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.
  9. Balete D. S., P. B. Pelser, D. L. Nickrent, and J. F. Barcelona. 2010. Rafflesia verrucosa (Rafflesiaceae), a new species of small-flowered Rafflesia from Mindanao, Philippines. Phytotaxa 10: 49-57. For a PDF file of this articleclick HERE.
  10. Ulloa, C. U, D. L. Nickrent, C. Whitefoord, and D. L. Kelly. 2010. Hondurodendron, a new monotypic genus of Aptandraceae from Honduras. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 97(3): 457-467. For a PDF file of this articleclick HERE.
  11. Nickrent, D. L., V. Malécot, R. Vidal-Russell, and J. P. Der. 2010. A revised classification of Santalales. Taxon 59: 538-558. For a PDF file of this article click HERE.